The Pacifier Tote - Audrey

The Pacifier Tote - Audrey
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Our Pacifier Tote is the perfect waterproof pouch to store your pacifiers, for keeping an extra bib and other small items. This black-and-white, enchanting damask print channels the iconic elegance of its Hollywood silver screen namesake.

An Overview:  

A pacifier deserves a clean place to rest.

The Pacifier Tote by Ah Goo Baby® is not only the perfect place to store your pacifiers, but it's also great for keeping an extra bib and other small items.  It has a water-resistant Taslan liner to prevent moisture from getting through and is machine washable for quick and easy cleanings. As with all of our Ah Goo Baby® products, we match affordability with the highest of quality.   You will LOVE these little totes!   

  • Water-resistant Taslan liner with our signature high thread count 100% cotton outer fabric patterns.
  • Easy & Quick™ dual-connecting velcro attachment (connects as a handle or as a side loop).
  • Matching patterns that coordinate with all Ah Goo Baby® product lines.
  • Machine Washable, durable, and BPA-free fabrics.


What Goes Into Our Design?

Premium Zipper - The Pacifier Tote

Quick & Easy™ velcro attachment - Pacifier Tote
The Pacifier Tote by Ah Goo Baby® comes with our Quick & Easy™ velcro attachments that connect into either a handle or separately as a side loop for lots of attachment options.  
Why Velcro?  With products that involve less parental supervision, safety is our primary concern.  We made sure to stay away from snap-based attachments, as we consider them to be possible choaking or constriction hazards.  Our velcro attachments are quick, safe, and double sewn for durability, and our zippers are lab-tested to meet or exceed industry standard for torsion and torque strength.



  • The base length (widest at the base):  3 1/4 inches long x 3 inches tall x 2 inches deep.
  • On the connector end, The Pacifier Tote will fit around anything up to 5 inches in diameter.

Pacifier Tote with dimensions

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