Diaper Bag Accessories

Diaper Bag Accessories

What Diaper Bag Accessories Do You Need To Be Prepared?


Your life has changed for the better now that your little one is here but some of the changes require more organization so that your can be prepared for anything when you leave the house.  You have probably figured that out already by trial and error!  Everything Nice Maternity And Baby wants to help make the prep time for filling up your diaper bag as easy as possible.  Check out the list below of items that are important to have when you are out and about with your baby. 

Diapers and Baby Outfits                                                                                                                               

  • diapers  - one for every two hours gone and then add a few extra                                                                                                         
  • pad for diaper changes
  • wipes, travel size if possible
  • diaper rash cream, travel size if possible
  • 2 changes of clothing for any mishaps with baby & clean shirt for mom in case of spit up or spill or scarf to hide any leaks
  • plastic or biodegradable bags for disposing of diapers and soiled clothes
  • hat to protect from sun or cold

Feeding Time

  • if nursing - bottles of breast milk, nursing cover and breast pads
  • if bottle feeding - formula cans or pre-measured formula containers
  • bottled water, if using concentrated or powered formula.  Also extra water for you!
  • if you will be out a long time, don't forget your bottle warmer!
  • 2-3 bibs and burp cloths
  • baby food and spoons and the all important "sippy cup"
  • baby finger food and snacks for yourself

Toys For Baby

Essentials and Extras

  • first aid kit:  band-aids, antibiotic cream, baby sunscreen (leave in car at all times), fever and pain reducer, antihistamine, nail clipper, Kleenex, hand sanitizer
  • sling or wrap
  • camera - you don't want to miss any cute pictures
  • list of emergency information:  health insurance information, driver's license, emergency phone numbers, child's doctor and phone number and list of allergies
  • reading material for mom in case of down time
  • spare change, cell phone and keys

If possible, it would be great to have 2 diaper bags.  One for quick trips and one for longer trips, packed and ready to go.  You can even keep in the car a diaper clutch with basic changing items for an unexpected trip.  You can also can include a pacifier tote and wipes case that you can leave in your car at all times.  

This just about covers it!  Have fun shopping!



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