Baby Clothing

Baby Clothing

How to Shop for Baby's First Clothes With Confidence


Everything Nice Maternity And Baby knows how exciting it is when it's time to shop for new baby clothes.  It can also be a confusing time for new parents. There are endless options available with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. You may ask yourself what are the most important and necessary items I will need for my baby?  We are here to help you with this all important question.  When you first get home with your newborn the following is a list just to get you started:

 6-8 Short and long sleeve T-shirts

 6-8 Body suits or Onesies, long and short sleeves depending on the time of year (buy 0-3 months and 3-6 months because your baby will grow fast!)

  • These basic form-fitting shirts that snap under the diaper to stay on will be a staple clothing in your baby's wardrobe.

7-10 Pajamas, Gowns and optional Bag Sleepers

  •  Your newborn can sleep an average of 18 hours per day so making sure they are comfortable is important.  This will ensure that your baby will enjoy their sleep no matter what time of day it is.  
  •  Pajamas should be form-fitting and fire resistant.
  •  In warm weather opt for thin cotton, one-piece sleepers.
  •  In cool weather choose warm, footed pajamas
  •  Bag sleepers are like a sleeping bag that goes over your baby's pajamas.  It replaces loose blankets for a safe and sound sleep.  They are comfortable with breathable fabric that prevents    overheating.  Parents also say that they make midnight diaper changes easier thanks to their unique design.

2-3 sets Newborn Baby Mittens

  • Your baby will have very thin nails that, although soft and pliable, can easily scratch their sensitive skin.  The mittens are the answer to this problem.

Booties, Socks, Shoes & Hats

  • If you live in a warm or cold climate, socks or booties are necessary in a newborn's wardrobe because newborn's feet are usually cold.
  • When choosing baby socks, opt for cotton because it's a natural product and soft on their skin.
  • Little hats will keep your baby's head warm.  Look to shop for cotton beanies, sun hats or baseball caps.
  • If you are in colder weather, make sure the hats have ear flaps and tie or button closures to keep them in place.

Everyday Wear

  • Make it simple.  Choose baby clothing that will give easy access for diaper changes, such as slip on pants, coveralls and side snap shirts.  These will keep you from having to pull clothes over their head. 

Remember that babies need multiple changes throughout the day because they tend to be messy!  If possible, purchase enough clothing to keep you from having to spend a lot of time doing laundry during your first month or two at home.  Shopping online at  Everything Nice Maternity and Baby for your baby's essential wardrobe will save your time and money so visit us soon.